The Baird Survival Bag was kick started in November 2016 to help out a homeless man named Terry.  A 35 year old man who stood by the entrance of a 7 eleven during the coldest days of winter opening doors for customers asking if he could have a warm cup of coffee. Always polite and had a big smile on his face. Alan Baird, our co-worker, wanted to help him get back on his feet and get him back onto the road of success. That’s when the Baird Survival Bag was created.

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Alan finds, in life, it can be hard, but it is always possible to turn a negative into a positive with the right mindset. One of his goals with these bags is to spend some time getting to know these less fortunate people who have had some life events take place to put them on the street. Let them know people still care about them and want to see them succeed. Loneliness is a constant struggle in the homeless community and this is a small way to help combat the issue. It’s not easy asking for help, especially from strangers so we’re taking the Initiative to help push change.


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