What to think about:

Alan finds, in life, it can be hard, but it is always possible to turn a negative into a positive with the right mindset. One of his goals with these bags is to spend some time getting to know these less fortunate people who have had some life events take place to put them on the street. Let them know people still care about them and want to see them succeed. Loneliness is a constant struggle in the homeless community and this is a small way to help combat the issue. It’s not easy asking for help, especially from strangers so we’re taking the Initiative to help push change.

We’ve all been there. Ready to purchase an item and your card gets declined. It’s an embarrassing feeling and you search for every excuse you can to justify why it happened. Now imagine asking a stranger where the nearest homeless shelter is or for spare change.... and how defeated you might feel. With the road to success packet, this eliminates anxiety by putting every resource at their fingertips. Giving them the opportunity to help themselves.

Support Letters: 
With every donation Alan would like to request a letter. It doesn’t have to be much. Just a letter to put inside the backpack with a positive message of your choosing. Something little to help raise their spirits to let them know someone out there is rooting for them and cares about them. Every backpack will go out with a minimum of one support letter but the more we get the more we will insert into the backpack!

The Goal!
Alan's goal this year is raise enough money for 500 bags. Last year our goal was 10 and we raised enough for 100 bags.


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