Baird Survival Bag Contents:
A basic bag will consist of ($35.00)
1 military style backpack
Hat and gloves
Flashlight with batteries
Water bottle
Nonperishable food
Notebook with pen
Hygiene products
Makeshift tent
Letters from the givers
Road to success booklet

Road to success booklet table of contents:
List of all DMV’s
List of social security offices.
List of libraries
List of labor readies
List of soup kitchens
List of homeless shelters
Email address to email me your personal information, work qualifications and achievements so I can personally make a resume for people in need of work.

Needed items: 
Items you can pick up at your local Dollar Tree.
- Rain poncho
- Socks
- Small first aid kid
- Hygiene products
- Flash light and batteries
- Non perishable foods/MRE's
- Water Bottle
- Notebook and writing utensils
- Winter hat and gloves
- Scarf
- Sun Glasses
- Lock (for securing bag from theft)
- Bungies
- Tarp
- Space blaket
- Wet ones.

Items you can find in store or on amazon:
- Military Style backpack
- Compact sleeping bag
- Compact wool blanket
- Gift cards to grocery stores, fast food, restaurant's and phone cards.

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